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Welcome to the official website for the 2014 West Coast Yo-Yo Championships! The WCYYC is the official Nationals Qualifying event for the South West Region of the United States where many of the top yo-yo players in the world reside. For over a decade the Southwest Regional Yo-Yo Contest has had a long history of attracting World and National Champions to come and compete, with players flying in from countries as far as Japan and Europe. This year we are going all out and are making this a world-class event, holding it at the Disneyland Resort® in Anaheim, California.

With the vast number of guests which visit the Disneyland Resort®, the West Coast Yo-Yo Championships will be one of the most exciting and well attended yo-yo events of the year.

More detailed information regarding the contest can be found by visiting the About page. For an important announcement for all competitors and attendees, please watch the following video announcement:

music-mainOnce you are registered, don’t forget to upload your music.  Some people are experiencing problems uploading music from the website so we have created another option to e-mail your music. Instructions can be found here or by clicking Music on the top menu.


As if the contest wasn’t exciting enough, we are now giving cash prizes to the top 3 places in each division! A total of $2,675 in cash will be given out in addition to some yo-yo swag bags for the 1A Amateur division!

Prize List